Mission and Vision


After thorough analysis of the current constraints of the existing solutions cooking methods in developing countries, consulting both users and experts, Mimi Moto developed the Tool and Fuel philosophy. Based on this philosophy, Mimi Moto believes that to make clean cooking accessible for all, we need an efficient and reliable Tool and good quality Fuel. Mimi Moto’s Tool and Fuel model is best-in-class because it creates a new local fuel economy with local employment, makes cooking cheaper, healthier and easier compared to traditional cooking on charcoal, paraffin or wood, while also reducing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.


The Tool is the highly efficient cookstove developed by the Mimi Moto team. The Fuel is locally available biomass (such as ……) which can be put directly into the Mimi Moto or pellets made from this biomass (such as ….. ) which can be burned in the Mimi Moto.


Mimi Moto believes that you only can grow and scale your business based on fair profit and working together with local entrepreneurs. Therefore, we not only sell cookstoves but also want to help entrepreneurs to start their clean cooking business.

We will share our ‘lessons learned’ of the last 7-years. Specifically, we have a check list which contains all the items have to take into consideration to judge if the local business environment is suitable to start clean cooking business. Mimi Moto also has business cases formats available for making financial plans. Based on the business plan and track record of the entrepreneur, we want to discuss how we can support further in starting and growing the local business.