Mimi Moto Cooking System

Mimi Moto is the ultimate cookstove, specially designed to burn pellets made from locally available biomass – such as wood or agricultural residues – in a very clean and efficient way. When Mimi Moto stove is used with good quality pellets the emissions easily comply with the WHO’s stringent air quality guidelines. Various accessories and different burners make Mimi Moto a versatile cookstove that can cook, grill, heat, simmer, and boil your favorite foods.

Mimi Moto How it works

Mimi Moto is a forced air gasifier stove. By gasifying biomass fuel instead of burning it directly (like on an open fire) the extracted gasses burn as a nice and clean flame.

The stove has been designed and engineered from the ground up, focusing on making it user friendly, durable and affordable. The use of mass production facilities and techniques enables us to offer Mimi Moto at very competitive prices. With multiple removable burning chambers the Mimi Moto can manage all cooking practices.  The integrated fan can be powered by a built-in battery pack and/or a separate solar panel for operation in off-grid areas.

The technology and design of Mimi Moto are globally patented

(see: WO2016/107688A1)

Full Power Control

One of the features that make Mimi Moto unique are its multiple removable burners. This gives you the option of low power simmering with the small burner or high-power cooking with the large burner with optimal fuel efficiency.

A special tool is designed to remove the burner and easily dispose the glowing embers at the end of the cooking session or continue cooking with a fresh batch of pellets without having to wait for your stove to cool down.

Quality and Performance

The use of high-grade stainless steel and quality components ensure that Mimi Moto is built to last a long life of cooking. Mimi Moto continuously innovates the stove to find an optimal balance between quality, durability and price.

Mimi Moto has been tested by the Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory. We are very proud that we achieved Tier 4 Performance on Efficiency/Fuel Use, Emissions and Indoor Emissions.

A field study in Rwanda by North Carolina State University researchers has found that Mimi Moto with pellets have the potential to provide health benefits far above previously tested biomass stoves and approaching modern fuel stoves (e.g., LPG).


Cooking power Small burner1250 to 2200 Watt
Cooking power Medium burner2000 to 3200 Watt
Cooking power Large burner3000 to 4000 Watt
Fuel capacity Small burner**400 gram
Fuel capacity Medium burner**600 gram
Fuel capacity Large burner**800 gram
IWA high power CO*0.154 g/MJd (Tier 4/5)
IWA high power PM*13.94 mg/MJd (Tier 4)
IWA low power CO*0.007 g/min/l (Tier 4)
IWA low power PM*0.11 mg/min/l (Tier 4)
Safety score98/100 (Tier 5)
Safe pan diameter use75 to 500mm
Packaging size22,5x22,5x34,5cm
Container capacity 20ft/40ft1450/3300 pieces
Cooking time on 5000mAh batteryLow fan speed = 28 hours
High fan speed = 9 hours
*Test conducted by Colorado State University
** using biomass wood pellets

Accessories making a difference

Creating people’s favorite dish needs more than just a cookstove. Each culture has their own cooking habits which they want to continue doing on their new cookstoves. Therefore Mimi Moto has multiple accessories to meet all local cooking needs to gain the users acceptance.

Flame spreader

The flame spreader accessory distributes the heat evenly over a pot or grill for a better cooking experience. The integrated windshields protect the flame from draft, boosting the stoves efficiency and performance. The rack design also supports smaller pots for preparing a morning tea or coffee.

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Infrared Heater

The infrared heater accessory is specially designed to be used with the Mimi Moto cookstove. The strong flame of the stove heats the inner mesh to temperatures up to 1000 ° C making it red-hot. The red-hot mesh creates a nice warm infrared glow which is felt when you are sitting around the heater.

The heater can easily and safely be handled using the burner removal tool.

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Solar Power

For Off Grid use Mimi Moto offers a 6W Solar panel to charge the stove’s internal battery. Thanks to the 5V USB output of the Solar panel it’s also possible to directly charge phones and other USB powered devices as well!

The 3.5-meter-long cable gives users the option to safely charge indoors, while the solar panel is outside in the sun. (full specs)

Spinning Grill

For grilling your favorite vegetables or meat the spinning grill can be used. The hot air makes the center plate rotate, distributing the heat evenly underneath the grill. The grill body holds a layer of water to keep the meat hydrated and to catch most grease and dirt.

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