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  • Crouching dragon
  • Reverse cowboy or cowgirl
  • The lotus
  • The cherry at the top
  • Seated straddle
  • Spooning intercourse

In terms of sex along with your partner, larger isn’t constantly better. That counts as they say, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it. It doesn’t matter what you’re using the services of, here are the sex positions that are best to use for each penis size.


Crouching dragon

Together with your partner on all fours and knees during the side of the sleep, stay in it along with your foot hip width aside.

Pose a question to your partner to keep their legs near together to intensify the impression both for of you.

As your arms are free, you are able to achieve up to touch their human body in whatever means they take pleasure in the many.

Reverse cowgirl or cowboy

Reverse cowgirl or cowboy is yet another position that is popular much deeper penetration that allows your spouse use the reins.

Begin by lying straight straight down flat in the bed. Your lover are able to climb up along with you, dealing with away away from you so they are searching towards the way of the legs.

As soon as you’re as part of your partner, inquire further to maneuver up and momentum that is down building a speed that seems advisable that you them.

Help them by putting both hands on their waistline while you arrive at a speed that really works for the you both. By leaning forward, your lover can fool around with movement – trying out to and fro or movements that are circular differ the speed and level of penetration.

The lotus

This will be a revamped form of missionary place which you both might enjoy. It’s only involves just a little tweak from the classic, but once we all understand, the little things will make a difference that is big.

Start in missionary, then pose a question to your partner to fold their feet at an angle that is slight sleep their foot on your own sides. This place shortens the canal that is vaginal rectum, providing you both the impression of much much deeper penetration.

To make up the temperature a lot more, add a masturbator for the additional stimulation and try out ourrange of pleasure ties in.


With regards to having a sizable penis, often you probably might have an excessive amount of a positive thing. In the event that you’ve simply started someone that is dating they’re experiencing a small overrun, below are a few intercourse jobs to use.

The cherry at the top

This will be a good position to decide to try for those who have a sizable penis given that angle of penetration isn’t as deep. This place comes with the bonus of making the hands free to enable you to achieve around and play with your lover’s human body.

Lay down in your back – the bed, a cosy rug, anywhere you like works. In that case your partner can lie together with you using their pressing that is back against chest, to make sure you are both searching towards the ceiling along with your legs right.

With regards to the height huge difference, the rear of your partner’s head will see a good snug spot to sleep in on your own shoulder or upper body as well as can place their hands anywhere is comfortable.

Seated straddle

Another trick would be to select positions that allow your partner control the level of penetration.Sit down in a seat or from the side of the sleep together with your knees bent and foot on a lawn. As of this true point, your spouse is taking a stand dealing with you.

They could then access it top of you, so they are resting on the knees in accordance with one leg on either relative side of you.

Not just is this ideal for as you can wrap your arms around each other and make eye contact throughout if you have a big penis, it’s also very intimate.

Spooning intercourse

The depth is reduced by this position of penetration and it is great if you’re feeling intimate – every person likes spooning, right?

Take a nap in your corner behind your spouse therefore they are the smallspoon that you are the big spoon and.

One of the better things you can do when you yourself have a sizable penis is constantly to always include plenty of foreplay so your partner is calm. Whenever you’re sex that is having make an effort to go slow and utilize lube – a lot of it.


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