Globally, 500 million households prepare their meals on open fires using wood or charcoal. This produces high levels of indoor air pollution, resulting in sickness, and ultimately causing over 4 million premature deaths each year.

Also, buying fuel consumes a large portion of the average household income, making it difficult for people to save money to improve their lives.

We want to make clean cooking accessible to everyone


To achieve this, we present Mimi Moto: an affordable cookstove specifically designed to burn cheap, locally produced biomass fuel such as wood pellets in a very clean and efficient way. When using Mimi Moto, the amount of smoke and other harmful emissions easily complies with the air quality guidelines stated by the WHO.

Global goals Local solutions

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The implementation of Mimi Moto goes beyond the stove itself. In different parts of the world, households still cook on open fires every day, each spending around $35 per month on charcoal.

Often mothers and grandmothers are the ones who prepare everyone’s meal while also taking care of the children. For this reason, women and young children are the ones most affected by indoor air pollution.

Cooking with Mimi Moto will not only improve the indoor air quality; an average household will also save around $12 dollar per month on fuel. An opportunity to achieve a better life.

(Exclusive Distributor Indonesia: P.T. South Pacific)

Mimi Moto Promise

Ethics and Compliance


Mimi Moto only conducts business with parties that adhere to all applicable laws, especially business ethics, anti-bribery, export control laws and antitrust laws.

Independent Lab testing


Mimi Moto will conduct Independent Lab testing for emissions and thermal efficiency of all stove models and future evolutions in design. Mimi Moto will always chose a renowned Lab specialized in cook stove testing. *Mimi Moto has been tested by the Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory. We are very proud to say we achieved Tier 4 Performance on Efficiency/Fuel Use, Emissions and Indoor Emissions. Download the official report here.

Mimi Moto How it works

Mimi Moto is a forced air gasifier stove. By gasifying wood instead of burning it directly (like on an open fire) the extracted gasses burn as a nice and clean flame.

The stove has been designed and engineered from the ground up, focusing on making it user friendly, durable and affordable. The use of mass production facilities and techniques enables us to offer Mimi Moto at very competitive prices.

With two removable burning chambers the Mimi Moto can manage all cooking practices. The big chamber produces a high power flame for cooking with large pots while the small chamber is specially designed for low power simmering. The integrated fan can be powered by a built-in battery pack and/or a separate solar panel for operation in off-grid areas.

The technology and design of Mimi Moto are globally patented

(see: WO2016/107688A1)

Mimi Moto Solar Power

For Off Grid use Mimi Moto offers a 6W Solar panel to charge the stove’s internal battery. Thanks to the 5V USB output of the Solar panel it’s possible to directly charge phones and other USB powered divices as well!

The 3.5 meter long cable gives users the option to safely charge indoors, while the solar panel is outside in the sun. (full specs)

Mimi Moto Video