• 25+ Greek Mythology Names for females (Greek Goddess Names) pt.2

    25+ Greek Mythology Names for females (Greek Goddess Names) pt.2


    This title means “born in the Island of Delis”. It appears as a name that is excellent being a nickname. Delia is definitely an epithet for Artemis, the moon goddess.


    The goddess of harvest, farming, growth and grain. She ended up being Zeus sibling.

    Gaia is recognized as the mother that is universal. It really is a Greek name for “earth mother”. It really is popularly among the list of green moms and dads as well as Gaia comes with an element that is ecological it.


    The title Halcyon is probably not suitable in today’s society, but it is a name that is unique. It indicates “kingfisher bird”.

    Hebe may be the daughter of Zeus and Hera. This woman is personified since the goddess of beauty and youth. Hebe means “youth”. More and more people thought in her own, that she will restore youthfulness also at later years.

    This is actually the goddess of wedding and delivery. Hera had been the queen of wedding. She constantly revealed interest that is special hitched ladies by assisting them to preserved and protect the relationship among them and their husbands. (meer…)