• Investment Capital & Angel Investors. Investment Capital Glossary

    Investment Capital & Angel Investors. Investment Capital Glossary

    Definition purchase that is additional purchase : additional buy is purchase of stock in an organization from the shareholder as opposed to buying stock directly through the business.

    meaning stage that is 2nd 2nd phase money : Second Stage Capital could be the money provided to grow marketing and fulfill growing working money need of an enterprise which includes commenced manufacturing but won’t have positive cash flows adequate to deal with its growing requirements.

    Definition seed money seed money : Seed Capital could be the cash utilized to acquire equity-based desire for a unique or current company. This seed money is normally quite little since the endeavor continues to be within the concept or conceptual phase.

    Definition series a stock that is favored a preferred stock : Series the Preferred inventory could be the very very very first round of stock offered through the seed or very early stage round by a profile business towards the endeavor capitalist. Series A preferred stock is convertible into typical stock in some situations such as for example an IPO or perhaps the purchase associated with the business. Later on rounds of favored stock in a company that is private called Series B, Series C an such like.

    Definition partner that is quiet partner : a quiet partner is definitely an investor would you have no management obligations but provides money and stocks obligation for almost any losses skilled by the entity. Silent lovers are responsible for in just about any losings as much as the actual quantity of their spent capital and take part in any cash and tax movement advantages. Silent partner can be referred to as a “sleeping

    Definition startup startup : Startup is a brand new business in its earliest phase of development.

    Definition syndication syndication : Syndication may be the procedure whereby a small grouping of endeavor capitalists will each place in a part associated with sum of money had a need to fund a small company. (meer…)