• Let me make it clear about what’s your relationship status with failure?

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    Let me make it clear about what’s your relationship status with failure?

    By: Kristen & Carter Williams, Directors of Xperience development Coaching & Consulting

    What exactly is your relationship status with failure? This is a relevant concern recently asked rhetorically by certainly one of my coaches and mentors in an organization environment. We dug just a little deeper in which he asked every one of us to determine exactly exactly just what failure methods to us actually. Eventually, the method that you determine the solution to this relevant concern actually defines your relationship status with failure.


    Failure is defined within the dictionary as “an lack or absence of success.” The way you handle failure however can differ in line with the context. For example, the other day whenever cooking supper for the family members, we made the spaghetti noodles and ended up being pouring the prepared steaming hot noodles to the colander. All of a sudden, the colander tipped and also the slick, freshly prepared pasta noodles slid right now the drain. We had been kept with a pasta sauce, with no pasta noodles. That failure at dinner was laughable, ridiculous and a tutorial to ensure the colander is put to stay upright forevermore whenever pasta that is draining. You, my reader buddy are welcome because of this class too. Another failure that is recent when I saw an old customer listed their house obtainable with another Realtor. At that failure I didn’t laugh. We went interior and seriously considered where We went incorrect and where i shall go appropriate along with of my other clients that are former. We cannot replace the upshot of this clients that are specific sale, yet I am able to replace the upshot of future customers virginia homes if We learn a course. That course for several of you property agents is Lead follow through. (meer…)